Parasite ★★★★★

Started the year off with Misery and ended it with Parasite. This a subtle nod to the fact my priorities are being a clever little punk.

2021 kinda felt like a nothing year to me. Not particularly bad or particularly good but just sorta whelmed. And that’s weird because on paper this looks like a great year for ‘ol Yossi. I started and finished my largest creative endeavor to date and I’m really proud of that. I got my first two jobs working in film sets and those are memories I’ll have forever- as well as the fact that those experiences confirmed that the best job for me involves standing around outside for hours and hours. And I finally got accepted to college, so, you know, big life event happening in two weeks. Not to mention all the great movies I saw, including a couple 2021 releases that currently sit on my favorites of all time list. But even with all of that I don’t feel like 2021 was a great year. Again, not bad, just not great. And what’s weird about that is that this is maybe the first New Year’s Eve where I don’t feel sad. I even felt sad about 2020 ending, but 2021, eh, I’m good with January. Heck, it feels like it just was January. Maybe I’m a little burnt out by Covid and I’ve spent a majority of the last two years cramped up in home. Maybe it’s that thing where you see friends living their life and you think “what am I doing wrong?” despite the fact that your friends who are doing “better” than you in the traditional sense have said they’ve mostly been unimpressed with college. So once again, that’s fun. And of course in the other scale there’s the friend who moved to Europe for a few months and got married and continues to make cool videos (Houston, once again, congratulations!) So in light of that sort of thing it’s easy to feel unaccomplished. But I’m not unaccomplished. I made a cool film, got a cool job, and a university of higher education liked me more than 45% of the other people who applied at the same time I did!

At the end of the movie, the only thing that’s changed is it has gotten darker and colder. But there’s still a faint glimmer of hope. However fleeting or misled or superficial. One day we’ll meet again. Take care.

I think some good stuff is gonna happen in 2022.
At the very least, something different.

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