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  • The Prestige

    The Prestige

    me, after waking up from a nap on my flight and seeing part of this film playing overhead: is that matt fairman?

  • Hot Pursuit

    Hot Pursuit

    I can't believe the zodiac killer still hasn't been locked up and is now a corrupt police chief!!!😤

    this film has a female director but the plot/characters oversexualize/objectify sofia vergara and much of the cinematography is super male gaze-y???????? gross

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    this is the first time I watched a movie with commentary, and I don't regret it bc damien chazelle is a god

    if damien chazelle called me up at 2am the morning before a shoot and asked me to scratch the lighting plan that I'd been planning for 2 weeks, you better fuckin believe I would drop everything and start all over

    [the lighting in question]
    damien: now we're back to the green light. my favorite. but everyone on set…

  • Zodiac



    my aesthetic is newspaper clippings pinned up on a bulletin board in an organized yet haphazard-looking way. incredible work, jake gyllenhaal, you're doing amazing sweetie👏🏼

    I definitely went into this thinking jake gyllenhaal('s character) was the zodiac killer, so for the first 30 minutes I was confused. even though I had seen the 20-minute buzzfeed unsolved crimes video ABOUT THE UNSOLVED ZODIAC KILLER CASE

    when I realized gyllenhaal's character wasn't the zodiac killer, I became deeply attached to him. protect…