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This review may contain spoilers.

I will admit that this film drags a little bit in the middle but that's because jake gyllenhaal isn't part of the investigation okay I love his character so much; he's an eagle scout for crying out loud. get him some MILK

get mark ruffalo his fuckin animal crackers!!!!

upon second viewing, the yellow and blue color scheme is totally horrid, yet stunning. I really don't know how to describe it. the different shades shouldn't look good together, and they kinda don't, but both colors appear so often that you start to expect it and get used to it

the scene in the bar with rdj and jake gyllenhaal is still my favorite

my dad was upset bc gyllenhaal and ruffalo were listed first in the netflix description, and he's like "where's my guy? why's robert downey jr not in the top billed?" I say "dad he's only in half the movie... his character, like, quits or something"
then when rdj goes to investigate that anonymous tip my dad GASPS and is like "YOU TOLD ME HE WAS FIRED!!!! HE'S GONNA GET MURDERED....... oh never mind"

my mom deadass did not know about this unsolved real life case and was annoyed that they didn't find the killer in the movie... ok mom

anyways WOW what a filmé™ I would gladly rewatch this again. I noticed so much more this time; the writing is astounding, and david fincher owns my entire ass

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