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  • Monkeybone
  • The Passion of Darkly Noon
  • Airheads
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action

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  • Gummo

  • This Is 40

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

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  • Gummo


    Would you look at that! My first Korine that I didn’t hate! And of course it’s about white trash America. Horrible, fucked up movie obviously. But really brutally honest in its depiction.

  • This Is 40

    This Is 40

    Before Midnight but not as sad!

Popular reviews

  • The Last Summer

    The Last Summer

    The dialogue? WACK. The acting? WACK. The way it was shot? WACK. The way that the main actors clearly didn’t have an accent coach? WACK. Tyler Posey in a baseball uniform? THATS TIGHT AF. 

    There was no chemistry between anyone in this. It looked incredibly drab and flat. But the worst part was KJ Apa telling the FILM STUDENT all about the Coen Brothers (which is annoying in and of itself) and then she says “oh my god your IMDb…

  • Parasite


    Going into this with no expectations, no summary, not even a genre, I was beyond stunned. This? This is what film is supposed to be. This is cinema at its finest. I got completely lost in this world for two hours and was not ready to come out. Deeply introspective for me, personally. The brutal, unflinching storytelling and clear visual tone throughout made this feel like it was a half hour long. Dear God, I would lay down my life for Bong Joon Ho. Spare genius, sir?