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  • Turbo Kid

    Turbo Kid


    Superb Bloody Trash!!

  • Arrival



    Rewatch: Wow! Even better than the first time!

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  • Prometheus



    After the mediocre Alien:Resurrection and two funny, but in fact awful AvP movies, the Alien franchise was dead in my opinion.
    Then, Ridley Scott returned to revitalize the franchise and he was successful. I cannot really imagine why several people do not like this movie, as it delivers in every aspect. Many mysterious questions from the first Alien movie were answered , but even more question came up, which is cool as this surely will build a substantial basis for Alien:Covenant.
    The score by Marc Streitenfeld is simply fantastic, Michael Fassbender is so cool as DAVID and the Med-Pod scene is a fucking gory fun.

  • San Andreas

    San Andreas


    With its efforts to be a disaster movie, San Andreas is successful in every aspect. From its beginning to the end, the movie itself is a complete disaster.