Heat ★★★★

[ My Space Challenge S2 ]

Suggested by Eve

" Told you I'm never going back "

Let me be honest, Last midnight I watched Mann's 1995's acclaimed film 'Heat' for first time but while watching i felt like i have been connected to this since forever. I invested my time into it because i wanted some action but it gave me more than that. It had Noir feeling, heist movie style, dramatic dialogues and chill vibe.

Despite being based on real life incident, Mann really turned it into his own style filmmaking. He allowed every single character enough screentime so viewer can understand their actions and reactions. And from character if i being specific about Robert De Niro & Al Pacino then goddd their screen presence. Every time they came to screen i was like something going to happen, they are going to say something which will be quote for years. I barely get this much excited for any specific actots.

To tell you truth, Before starting i was sceptical about run time, 3 hour is kinda too long for an action film unless it has more to offer. And Heat really had more to offer.
Can't find a better film to suggest someone on a chilling day. 🌸


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