Attack on Titan: Chronicle

Attack on Titan: Chronicle ★★★★★

A personal review
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Attack on Titan created by Hajime Isayama will always and forever hold a special place in my heart. I know that sounds corny but this show has helped me in ways I couldn’t have thought of.

Attack on Titan has helped me Mentally and Physically. It has given me day to day motivation to thrive and to try my hardest in order to achieve what I want. Attack on Titan helped me get into shape at the gym. Even that aside it helped me on my darkest days. Eren Jeager, a character whose aspects make him written perfectly, captures the hardship and willpower of a human being. Taking inspiration from Erwin’s will to always move forward for the greater good, to taking Eren’s inspiration to fighting for a better future has undoubtedly helped me in days where all hope for me seemed lost.

I mentally have been improving because of Eren Jeager and attack on titan’s message on moving forward even when all odds are against you. When I couldn’t rely on people or even myself, I always had the motivation and message of attack on Titan, stuck in the back of my head to always move forward.

This’ll definitely sound corny and is, but if it weren’t for Attack On Titan, I would’ve not improved better as a person, and would’ve not opened my eyes in a strong perspective.
“心臓 捧げ!”

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