Mel Killingsworth

Mel Killingsworth

Writer, director, showrunner.
Coffee, sport, film.

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  • Divines


    The central necessity for a con artist or a hustler isn't persuasiveness, but the ability to copy someone else's game successfully. The opening scenes show Dounia and Maimouna talking themselves up on Snapchat, projecting fake confidence, recreating Instagram influencer videos in back alleys, mimicking the patter of art critics and dance teachers, gaming or avoiding religious and educational systems, doing adult things without full understanding and yet too much understanding,. That's how you know they'll make it . . .…

  • Twister


    HIS GIRL FRIDAY with Bill Pullman as Rosalind Russell, a tornado as the criminal on death row, and a lot of cows for good measure.

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  • Air Force One

    Air Force One

    They got Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, and a motherfucking 747, but this film still can't hold a candle to SPEED.

    (Also Xander Berkeley > William H Macy)

  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors

    Sometimes overobscured, sometimes painfully cliched and obvious, sometimes beautifully open to five different interpretations, but not a single boring or extemporaneous scene.