Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven ★★★★½

You're not a kid anymore .
You're nine years old.

I really despise the destructive impact of poverty on humanity. Regardless of the fact that God created man as one, I'm in fact disappointed by how mankind has been differentiated into races, classes, and creeds. Because such distinctions are detrimental to humanity through forms like poverty, the society has subjected to a very devastating situation.

This narrative, which revolves around two young kids, reveals how poverty can cause disastrous consequences for both parents and children.

How hard does Ali strive to get a pair of sneakers for his sister Zahara? Ali, regardless his poverty, is adept of not only in education but also surpassing obstacles in his quest.

When I was watching this, especially the race, I was whisked back to my childhood. It was obviously a lovely gesture.

I'd would really like to convey my gratefulness to Majid Majidi for his delicate depiction of Islam's noble teachings and attitudes among the creations that highlight the dark side of Islamic culture.

That simplicity has enslaved me!

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