Joker ★★★★

Can't understand all the complaints about violence in this movie, it wasn't even that violent compared to other movies. Also, this is the Joker, so what were people expecting?
About Pheonix there isn't much to say, he OWNS this role, he OWNS this movie. His laugh is still in my head and I'll probably not get it out for the next few days. You can feel the pain, the depression in his laugh.
The cinematography is simply amazing, there are so many good shots in every scene. Love the many references of lines to Ledgers Joker as well. Remember when the Joker said to Batman "all it takes is one bad day"? (The Killing Joke) And then right before Phoenix fully becomes the Joker he says "I just had a bad day".
This movie got me in all my feels, just love it.