Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★½

I had to watch this film again because I remember the first time I watched it I didn’t really get why it’s so hyped,  felt unhappy with it but I couldn’t really tell why. I just saw my rating of 4 stars again yesterday and was like why did I give this film such a good rating? I think somehow I was able to understand the feeling when she finally got into college and thought it’s gonna solve all her problems but then she realises it doesn’t. But watching it again made me feel even more disappointed with it. All this movie shows is a white girl being fed up with her life, pretending what she has is nothing when she actually does have a good life. She wants to get into college to get away from her life and does get a place! Still it was so overdramatising as she realises she’s just like all the people she wanted to get away from and actually misses home. So now she has got what she wanted and still isn’t satisfied with what she has.

I think this is why I wasn’t happy with the film the first time as well but I just couldn’t see it. I’ve been educating myself a lot about white privilege recently and instantly this film came to my mind, making me realise why I was so disappointed with it.