Melina has written 5 reviews for films rated ★½ during 2020.

  • Satan's School for Girls

    Satan's School for Girls

    There was so much potential in this film but it did absolutely nothing. Was expecting some cool satanic goth shit ://

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade

    I don’t get it. I‘m just so tired of all these „let’s talk about the problems of this straight white girl on her last days of middle/high school“ kind of movies. Besides that this movie was just awfully written, it was totally underwhelming.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    I had to watch this film again because I remember the first time I watched it I didn’t really get why it’s so hyped,  felt unhappy with it but I couldn’t really tell why. I just saw my rating of 4 stars again yesterday and was like why did I give this film such a good rating? I think somehow I was able to understand the feeling when she finally got into college and thought it’s gonna solve all her…

  • Requiem for a Vampire

    Requiem for a Vampire

    I was trying to find ways to justify this film but I came to realize I didn't like it at all

  • System Crasher

    System Crasher

    Can’t really understand why people rate this film so much and I think it says a lot about the film itself that mostly German people gave it 4-5 stars. Yes the story is very emotional and addresses an important topic, but technically it’s just horrible and totally boring. The art direction as well is kind of non existent, the film is way too long and all the characters seem empty to me. All in all it feels like a failed attempt, not well thought out and just another example of how bad german filmmaking is. I’m still fascinated by the performance of the young main character.