Christmas on 5th Avenue

Christmas on 5th Avenue ★★★½

This started out really good. Kathryn Davis is adorable and it's fun to see the streets of Very Obviously Toronto stand in for Manhattan.

It kind of lulled in the middle but it did kind of pick up. At first I thought it was kind of "50 Shades" vibes but then towards the middle it DEFINITELY reminded me of "Pretty Woman".

Some things were questionable: she films in this guy's apartment without asking his permission? Come on. I can't cheer for an influencer. No way, no how. And the misunderstandings were not organic and hard to believe. The acting and writing weren't top notch for the dramatic parts.

But it's just two cute people doing Christmassy stuff in a *VERY* nice apartment that is probably in Toronto that has a green-screened Empire State Building in the background.

I've said this before and I'll say it again - television movies without commercials are a COMPLETE game changer. Thank you to the Super Channel, you are so much better than the W Channel. I kind of am curious if I really would like just about anything if they didn't intersperse commercials in it.

I enjoyed.


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