The Net

The Net ★★★½

This movie is convoluted, clumsy, and makes no sense, but you know what, we love it anyway.

In 1995, Hollywood decided that EVERY movie was going to be about computers and technology: like Johnny Mnemonic, Virtuosity, Hackers, and Strange Days.

I've definitely made fun of Sandra Bullock for being otherworldly beautiful but disingenuously insisting that she play a geek in every single movie anyway, but at least in "The Net" it makes sense. Kind of. And with the pandemic and social distancing going on now, she's a lot easier to relate to.

This movie is great for nostalgia. Sandra plays a GAMER before that was even a thing, and when people were playing GAMES on their enormous desktop computers. Old modems, dial up, enormous cellphones, floppy disks, and the like.

Sandra is so cute and sweet here. This would make a good double bill with Enemy of the State.

Sandra had "While You Were Sleeping" in the same year, damn. That's a good 1995! Did you know that there is a sequel for this movie? The Net 2.0? Hahhahahahaha.

I would be remiss if I didn't include Frank Costanza's great endorsement for this movie.


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