Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

i went with cero expectations and promised myself to not know anything about the movie before i watch it so everything would be a surprise, i didn't even see the trailer just because of how much i wanted to see this and like it and it actually worked so much. I appreciated every little thing of it and not knowing anything made me not think about the weirdness of the storyline that everyone talked about because everything fitted perfectly with all the details in an abstract way that made me love it so much. it has everything you can ask for, a well made violence, comedy and suspense apart from all the perfect cinematographic stuff that i won't mention because i am no expert in that subject even so i can say in all aspects of it, it has no flaws and at least to my expectations and personal preferences it was all perfect. Also, Brad and Leo are like the perfect combination i didn't think i needed in a funny way. Like every other movie i have watched, watching it with my boyfriend makes it a thousand times better because he tells me the best things in the world that always make me appreciate everything even more, i love you

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