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  • Mission to Mars

    Mission to Mars


    Each time I watch this movie as an adult, the worse it gets. But dammit does it still entertain the kid in me that watched it in theaters.

  • The Greasy Strangler

    The Greasy Strangler


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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Simultaneously one of the most inspiring, and crushing, films I've seen all year.

  • Tomorrowland



    It's great to see a film as ambitious and optimistic as Tomorrowland, even if at the end of the day it amounts to a near miss. The problem with this film is that half of it tries to play as an action packed game of cat and mouse, while simultaneously toying with inspiring ideas on how to build a better tomorrow. In doing so, many innocent bystanders with nothing to do with the plot are sacrificed in the name of…