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  • Journey to the Shore
  • I Walked with a Zombie
  • Muscle
  • Crash

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  • Palm Springs

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  • Vikram

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  • Muscle


    say you want me back. a deity i don’t need to forgive mercy me mercy my tongue on your tip. prayers for change i no longer want they dissipates in the dark give me your chest for me to lay on and to sink me like quicksand. i've read our last page my cherie amour now listen to my confession; i just don't care. i won't dance with someone new. i won't have anyone but you. how you touch me & how…

  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still

    snowflakes crumbling away. i forgot how empty it is between my ribs. this spotlight shines. how heavy it all is. life steals the precious before we carve out a permanent. the tide washes over. over and over. i am a pulse clinging to a corpse. and yet...i have yet to drown. i’m grateful. i have to be but in spite of it all. it is so hard to be here. one does not crusade against a state of mind. one…

Recent reviews

  • The Hustler

    The Hustler

    paul newman is so smooth it hurts.

    one classy picture. i expected this to hit every typical beat of a sports movie (arrogant lead, first big loss, meets coach, training montage, love interest side-plot, gets into arguments because they're too DRIVEN by the game & then risking it all for a final match) and yeah variations of these were delivered but i really appreciate the sedated novel-esque approach that gives space for the central romance that earn its importance; any stylistically…

  • Martin


    i've been missing out, i severely underestimate romero by not venturing out of the living dead series before because what do you know? he absolutely brings it. 

    when it comes to magic, supernatural, the unexplainable we humans need the final say and if somehow we can’t understand it or explain it then we’ll use the dark room of our fantasies to conjure mythology to rationalise the unknown. it's no surprise we continuously manifest barriers to separate us from one other.…

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