• The Hustler

    The Hustler

    paul newman is so smooth it hurts.

    one classy picture. i expected this to hit every typical beat of a sports movie (arrogant lead, first big loss, meets coach, training montage, love interest side-plot, gets into arguments because they're too DRIVEN by the game & then risking it all for a final match) and yeah variations of these were delivered but i really appreciate the sedated novel-esque approach that gives space for the central romance that earn its importance; any stylistically…

  • Martin


    i've been missing out, i severely underestimate romero by not venturing out of the living dead series before because what do you know? he absolutely brings it. 

    when it comes to magic, supernatural, the unexplainable we humans need the final say and if somehow we can’t understand it or explain it then we’ll use the dark room of our fantasies to conjure mythology to rationalise the unknown. it's no surprise we continuously manifest barriers to separate us from one other.…

  • The Curse of the Cat People

    The Curse of the Cat People

    oooh i like the sound of that. amy and her friend.

    a sly line to steer us into what this actual title of this picture is about (in spite of the RKO bozos using cat people to try to capitalise on the OG’s success) which ok sure lewton can't fight against the wallet people but then he put everything into this that makes it apparent it operates entirely on its own wavelength. seeing how amy is treated got me thinking…

  • Skyfall


    🎵nobody does it worse than mendes🎵

    starting my craig-era rewatch with the worst one </3. honestly wish i log and move on but unfortunately i got some shit to say and some time to kill. i’m up to give any movies i didn't like a fair reassessment but this is now my third viewing and my enjoyment drastically deflates with every viewing if it were a normal movie i could accept that but it's bond so what gives?

    before i…

  • Play Misty for Me

    Play Misty for Me

    bada the bada the boom, i bada the boom, i bada the bing, i need a new girl, my old one was mean, i had to let go

  • The Seventh Victim

    The Seventh Victim

    whenever jean brooks appears the film brims with such vigor, ironic that their role is utterly depressive as they fallibly cling to a purpose after the next trying to exempt themselves from ruminating on their vacant existence but alas that's impossible. in other words they made a movie about me.

    some neat macabre imagery to match the bleak vibes. unfair to hold robson's debut picture to the great stuff lewton x tourneur did but it's unrefined and clunky whenever it…

  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

    The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

    "he isn't even italian and you're making him risk his life

    the writer isn't risking his life for a story or anything no it's just a mystery he wants to solve in a vacation go worry about your writer’s block instead. argento lucked out in the film debut lottery collaborating with both storaro & morricone. zips right through like a bolt, i admire argento he knew exactly the type of cinema he can do and just sticks with it. the ending…

  • Shivers


    if you’d told me this is a snuff film that cronenberg hijack the set as an experiment to see how it’ll play out when he inject his brand of exploitation body horror i’d believe you - if only they’d kept the shooting title orgy of the blood parasites (!)  - its reputation is known more as the groundwork of the themes he explores ritually in his filmography instead of being a knock-out picture with its own merits which i can’t really argue…

  • Malignant


    my man james wan aka the second best export from sarawak after tsai ming-liang did it again. 

    i’d like to check this out when the cinemas here are open, so many stuff would be wild to experience with a crowd.

    it's like a pop song that doesn’t blow hot air to be anything else. it’s not after the throne of its genre it seeks to have fun. wan is one of the most interesting directors playing in the big leagues…

  • 25th Hour

    25th Hour

    guess who's goin' to jail tonight?

    ridiculous to believe this joint exist because one of the co-creators of game of thrones tv series sat down and wrote a book. a book! i’d have an easier time wrapping my head around quantum physics. 

    this is a great joint tho. would make a great double feature with clockers as both films meets briefly on the same path then they greatly divert. a prison sentence is as solid as it gets. a settlement…

  • Gozu


    name not given is an incredibly insightful mate with an impeccable taste in cinema. not only that but they compose riveting write-ups 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, 7/11. thank you for recommending me this! this is a wild one.

    understatement of the century to say the internal logic of this concocted fantasy is so bizarre but shit i'm laughing to a punchline of a joke i didn’t get because absurdity is gold and it's the california…

  • My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

    My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

    sammi cheng is the greatest. no other artist alive in the world could do what she did here - closest would've been katharine hepburn - but this was A performance! may ho is a complex character and she's so palpable i didn't believe there was a screen dividing between me and her. the film starts with giving very few reasons as to why we should even like her. in the hands of a less empathetic filmmakers the length the film…