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  • Don't Hang Up

    Don't Hang Up


    rlly needed a palette cleanser like this.

    basically greg sulkin & friends participate in prank monkey 69 youtube videos where the pranks are that they call innocent strangers and tell them their loved ones died (funny, of course, but when u think abt it for a while u see how it could be construed as morally iffy) so a bald man in a peacoat hunts them for dead. 

    definitely greg’s most dynamic character apart from werewolf bf on wizards of waverly place. i never say this but this ones a must see.

  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    i don’t know which wilson brother i want to have sex with more

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  • Do Not Reply

    Do Not Reply


    paid $7 to watch casper from twilight drag around a girl in a bad wig for 2 hours. that being said i’m sure i would have gotten stockholm syndrome for brad (casper) bc he’s not bad looking for a kidnapper!!!!!

  • The Wrong Missy

    The Wrong Missy


    rewatching cos i love it.

    gun to my head i’ll tell u that yes i got horny from a sex scene with david spade? just leave it. seriously drop it. great reminder that it’s actually a good thing that my date cancelled on me tonight cos he probably would have found me so annoying that he would want me to die from jumping off a cliff drunk in hawaii. anyway, now i want to go on a blind date so that i can play her prank- hellstar is a genius. 5 stars