Carmine Street Guitars

I have a feeling Rick and Cindy are going to have more visitors as people see this film. I want to hang out there and I don’t even play guitar. A slow, sweet film about a shop where they make guitars by hand using wood salvaged from NYC buildings. Some scenes were staged (or at least the set ups were) and feel a bit scripted or contrived, but the scenes where Rick Kelly is interacting with, or reacting to, musicians playing his guitars in his shop are golden. And watching Rick and Cindy make instruments out of wood that is really the 200 year old bones of New York makes you feel like there is still some good, some heart, some integrity left in the world. 

Mann listed Jim Jarmusch as “instigator” in the film credits (a title I love and now aspire to). It seems Ron first heard about Kelly through Jarmusch and friends and Jim encouraged him to make the film. Mann also based the 5 day/week in the life format on Paterson.