I love the ambition of this film. A modern retelling of a 2,400-year old Greek play in rhyming verse to take on contemporary American gun culture and promote BLM? Damn. It’s such a huge swing, that I’m not bothered by the ways it misses. (Some of the misogyny and objectification still hit, even if their portrayal was meant to be critical. And as much as I love John Cusak, he felt a bit miscast here.) It takes some serious attention to watch a 2-hour film in verse. But we sit through Shakespeare, so why the heck not this? This movie is full of those great Spike Lee Joint shots and visuals plus many of his usual collaborators (I loved Sam Jackson in this so much! And watching Angela Bassett run off Roger Guenveur Smith’s sleazy insurance salesman was a definite highlight.) The flick is ballsy as hell and deserved more attention than it got.