Extremely late to the party on this one. Left the Rio Theatre completely buzzed from the experience of being immersed in this insane and glorious piece of artwork. Nicholas Cage seemed subdued, you guys. I never thought I’d write that in a million years in a review, but it’s actually true. All pain and stoicism, a machine of vengeance, and pitch perfect. And Andrea Riseborough has such a fascinating face and compelling presence. But my deep, deep love of this film is rooted entirely in the visuals and soundtrack. This film is just boneshakingly beautiful, grotesque, nostalgic, and atmospheric. Loeb is a goddamn genius. So many stand out shots - the boat on the lake, Mandy rising out of the water behind the fire, the Jesus freaks silhouetted in red mist before their descent on the house, Cage freaking out in the bathroom with the wildest graphic since the carpet in the Overlook Hotel, the way Loeb changed camera angles and lighting to distort faces in close ups. Amazing.  And then the 2D and stop motion animation sequences thrown in for good measure. I love the look of this thing so much. And the crazy synth soundtrack. And the Cheddar Goblin. And the campy, hilarious gore. This film is definitely not for everyone, but it never stopped being engaging and entertaining AF for me. Loved it, loved it, loved it.