Sharkwater: Extinction

Rob Stewart really was too good for this world. Watching this film in the presence of his parents was a moving experience. I fell in love with sharks when I was 9 years old. I watched Jaws and then read every book in the school library on sharks. I moved from fear to love and awe for these amazing super predators. And Rob Stewart has been responsible for that same evolution in a lot of other people. Thank you, Rob, for shining a light on the human mistreatment of perhaps the most maligned animal in our ecosystem. A species that is 450 million years old and has survived 5 extinction events but whose population has been decimated by 90% by humans in the space of a mere 3 decades. Beyond shameful. This film picks up where Sharkwater left off - examining the loopholes in the laws supposed to protect sharks since 2006. And highlights a gruesome discovery: not only is finning continuing, but shark is also being sold to us under other names as food, beauty products and pet food. I’m glad they were able to finish this film, even in the face of such a tragic loss. This is a great continuation of his work and ensures he will keep inspiring others to take up the cause.