It seems odd to say this about a 2+ hour film, but Widows is a masterclass in economical exposition. We learn everything we need to in order to get up to speed on our characters and their situation in under 10 min. It is the epitome of “show, don’t tell.” I wish more films could do exposition like this. 

The editing in this film is just astonishing. The flow and pacing of this film are spot on. Joe Walker is a damn genius. 

The performances are fantistic. Viola Davis is always strong, but Elizabeth Debicke stole this film for me. You can’t take your eyes off her and you are watching her character really come into her own, which is incredibly satisfying. 

Steve McQueen has delivered a stylish, smart, twisty, ladies-first heist film you never knew you needed. Co-writing this with Gillian Flynn was a great move.