Black Panther

Some of the critiques of this movie have prompted me to give some thought to why we accept and dutifully seek out nuance in Eastwood and Spielberg's aesthetic and ideological conservatism but consistently dock women and POC filmmakers for not living up to some radical ideal we dreamed up to reject our classical forefathers.

Yes, it is a movie mired in and pitched to a distinctly conservative attitude — just like the nation the movie is about, and undoubtedly for some of the same reasons, which are the heart of what the movie explores. Let’s wrestle with that! Or were we thinking that Wakanda's self-preservationism was just another of the movie's world-building fictions?

Check yourself before you go around paternalistically insinuating that black audiences are so uniquely undiscerning — as if blacks have never been bitten in the ass by capitalism before, as if blacks have never practiced ideological skepticism before, as if blacks don't make representational and political compromises knowingly, every day, simply as a matter of routine. Relax. Let us have it.

(Critique away otherwise! Without concern-trolling.)

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