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  • Collateral



    Still really digging it. The visual style, the tension, the multitude of charismatic personnel. Add to that a good script with neat little callbacks and you get a very fine movie.

    My main criticism concerns the ending. It's cool and super exciting, but also a little too long. In this regard, the film reminds me of Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days - it just won't end! Climax upon climax, wild plot turns, extended Terminator-esque action sequences - it's as if the movie cranks up to eleven all of a sudden. Which is a pity, given that Collateral is strongest when it needn't hurry.

  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild


    Something about this film always makes me feel better. It gives you room to breathe. It's got its fair share of big, life-changing insights, but there is a lightness to it. Sometimes you meet great people who love you and care for you, sometimes you get beaten up real bad. At times, the sun will shine upon everything you do, and then one day, you will just die. Everything else is up to you.

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    *** Part of Lise's "Hal’s Birthday – watch 2001 on Sat Jan 12 2013" project ***

    Started watching around 22:00 CET. Consumed a moderate amount of a technically illegal but generally accepted recreational drug. Been several years since my last viewing, I was looking forward to it.


    First thought during Dawn of Man sequence: "The history of Man is grand."

    What if the monolith wasn't supposed to do anything, except being there? I mean, the mere existence of something…

  • Irreversible



    Never before in my life has a film left me this upset. Gaspar Noé's Irreversible leads you down a dark alley of pain and perversion, and each one of its short episodes adds more nightmarish detail to the fistful of tragedies unfolding in front of your eyes.

    The reverse storytelling does not in the least soften the impact of events - if anything, it adds to the feeling of being a paralyzed witness to a tragedy that has already taken place.

    My heart broke many times.