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“We are like the dreamer who dreams, then lives inside the dream.”

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  • Toy Story
  • Mulholland Drive
  • In Bruges
  • Only God Forgives

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  • The Empire Strikes Back

    The Empire Strikes Back


    Honestly, I’m not sure whether this is a 4.5 or a 5, because there’s something odd about this movie. Something that almost seems like a downside, but I think is instrumental in Star Wars’ success as a franchise. That is: this movie feels almost like a filler tv episode.

    There’s not really a narrative drive. People always talk about how big a deal it is that the good guys don’t win in this, but every second of this movie is…

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    Secret Cinema Pick

    For what has seemed like an eternity now, I’ve been feeling that film was dead. All enjoyment of the medium was gone, every movie I watched getting at best a passive “it was okay” and a checkmark off my ever growing watchlist. But then the spark came back. Satoshi Kon came back. The love had returned.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I have a general aversion to anime; anime film tends to go a little better,…

Recent reviews

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    It’s kinda like Funny Games (2007) if it was set, filmed, and released ten years earlier.

  • Batman



    This has some of the most bullshit detective work ever, but they’re always right and I love it. I wish we got more comic book movies in this vein, but Lego Batman and Teen Titans Go to the Movies sort of fill the void.

Popular reviews

  • Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep

    Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep


    I don’t usually use reviews to talk about all of an artist’s outside work, but I’m going to here. This short definitely deserves its five stars, but I think Joe Pera and his work as a whole needs to be examined, this short just being the epitome of it all.

    In many ways, I sometimes feel like I connect better to TV than movies. There aren’t that many shows I keep up with, but when I do, I just absorb…

  • Cats



    Dictionary.com Definition of a Cat: a small domesticated carnivore, Felis domestica or F. catus, bred in a number of varieties.

    ”A cat is not a dog.”- Old Deuteronomy

    ”A cat is not a dog.” The most quoted, often derided line in Cats. One that intrigued me from the first reviews I read from the movie. A line that sounds spectacularly dumb. But... what if it was actually the key to unlocking this whole thing? What if cats is actually a very…