Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★½

Secret Cinema Pick

Even if the movies aren’t my favorite I’ve gotten from Secret Cinema, this is my favorite round just because I got picks that felt a little more bold and... I don’t want to say obscure since this is Hitchcock, but less talked about.

Dial M for Murder is almost like a murder-mystery story started at the 3/4 mark. Much like Knives Out, which this HAD to be an inspiration for, you’re given a whole scenario from the get-go, and that then informs the actual movie. There’s not a whole lot of guesswork here, mostly a breakdown of the tropes of the genre, but I’m a fun way.

Most of it is pretty clever, even if at times it seems to drag. The original plotting seems to go on for wayyyy too long, but then again, it fits when you realize this is structured like a play (cause it was based on a play). In many ways, I think it would work better there, but this still seems fun despite that. By the time it gets to the back half, now following a few different characters fighting for their story, it clicks much better. Even if this isn’t as stylish as other Hitchcock, it still occasionally has his flair, leading to a film that’s not a favorite of his, but another solid entry in his filmography.

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