Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★½

Ooooh boy. Musicals are already at their best when they’re overly stylized, so De Palma doing a musical? Fuck yes.

We won’t even begin with that though. The music for this movie is some of the best of any musical I’ve watched. I started listening to the soundtrack on the way to work just because of how good it is.

Back to De Palma though. For a little while, I was getting concerned that this was his least stylish, but by the halfway point, we started getting the split screens, the Hitchcock homages, and even a stack of tv screens with vital information on each one in the way De Palma loves. We get the voyeurism, we get the thrills, and we get the batshit craziness his movies have. 

The one issue that I found was that you probably shouldn’t analyze the play within a play too much. I tried to see how it relates to Faust, but it seemed the movie was more Faustian than the play that was supposedly about it.

Seeing the woman from the original Suspiria in this was also fantastic. I didn’t realize it til afterwards, but it’s definitely her, and she for sure stands out in this film. While I’m not sure this film beats Blow Out, it’s up there, and this seems way more rewatchable.

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