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  • The Sleeping Car Murder

    The Sleeping Car Murder


    A six berth sleeping car on a Paris-bound night train is occupied by five passengers and a stowaway. A woman is found brutally strangled the following morning, but only after the nocturnal travellers have long exited the scene. The unenviable investigation is presided over by the already overburdened Inspector Grazzi (Yves Montand), who is as much at odds with influenza as with the murders. No sooner he can order a round-up of all the potential suspects and witnesses - the…

  • The Grim Reaper

    The Grim Reaper


    Essentially a murder mystery with a Rashomon-esque narrative structure involving a prostitute’s death - The Grim Reaper makes for a supremely impressive debut for Bernardo Bertolucci. The ensuing investigation focuses on the unreliable testimonies of various bystanders through flashbacks, as they recollect their movements on the previous day. However, unlike Rashomon there’s very little contradiction in the suspects’ accounts and are merely disjointed by time. The elaborate digressions into each suspect’s personal life get tiresome after a while but Bertolucci…

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  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    Do you mind if I borrow that portable keyhole?

    Gets better with every viewing. #Classic

  • Dunkirk



    Ingeniously applying his cerebral skill-set to the mechanics of historical war dramas and factual portraitures — Nolan mounts a suffocatingly suspenseful survival epic that bears his patented structural spin on its rubbled sleeve. He doesn’t follow an established template but creates his own — radically cross-cutting between perspectives of variable time-frames, the narrative unravels simultaneously on land, water and in air, before converging in a breathtakingly volatile finale. The audacious split-narrative works brilliantly and possesses the urgency that would’ve otherwise…