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  • Any Number Can Win

    Any Number Can Win


    Firmly in the tradition of classic french capers like Rififi and Bob le flambeur comes Any Number Can Win — a complex and decidedly cool heist flick that more than delivers. Jean Gabin plays an aging con, recently released from prison who in pursuit of the mythical ‘last score’ enlists a cocky ex-cellmate (Alain Delon) in order to take down a Cannes casino.

    Gabin and Delon are in top form portraying crafty crooks filled trickery and deceit instead of tired-old…

  • Such a Pretty Little Beach

    Such a Pretty Little Beach


    A disenchanted young man arrives at the dreary, rain-drenched french seaside. It’s the off-season, he checks into a run-down hotel - the only one operating at the time. His depressed, dishevelled demeanour gives the impression of a terminally-ill man, seeking a change of scenery. But his uncanny familiarity with the hotel’s surroundings and his hypnotic fixation with the voice coming from of an old phonograph draws suspicion from the inhabitants. The elderly, wheelchair-bound man sitting in a corner distressingly recognises…

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  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    Do you mind if I borrow that portable keyhole?

    Gets better with every viewing. #Classic

  • Dunkirk



    Ingeniously applying his cerebral skill-set to the mechanics of historical war dramas and factual portraitures — Nolan mounts a suffocatingly suspenseful survival epic that bears his patented structural spin on its rubbled sleeve. He doesn’t follow an established template but creates his own — radically cross-cutting between perspectives of variable time-frames, the narrative unravels simultaneously on land, water and in air, before converging in a breathtakingly volatile finale. The audacious split-narrative works brilliantly and possesses the urgency that would’ve otherwise…