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  • Just Mercy

    Just Mercy


    While cinematically, this trods a very well-beaten familiar path, it's earnestness and - unfortunately - urgent relevance make for an impactful watch.

    Beyond the general cast being excellent. I thought Rob Morgan's work as Herbert was particularly affecting. And that scene was really done almost perfectly well.

    If you're looking for an absolute doozy of a follow-up picture that touches on the absurdity and high crime of capital punishment, please do yourself the favor of watching Krzysztof Kieślowski's A Short Film About Killing.

  • Snowpiercer



    Happy New Year!

    Bong Joon-Ho's mix of absurd humor & brilliant technical execution makes for an entertaining, thrilling watch.

    Regardless of its reach for ideas perhaps slightly exceeding its grasp, it's an explosive hit of Kronole and a damn delight.

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  • One of Us

    One of Us


    Having been raised in the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, this documentary definitely cuts deep.

    I know many within the community who will indignantly counter much of the narrative with their own contrasting experiences, and who would argue against broad sweeping generalizations that blanket all of the myriad Hasidic sects across Brooklyn and beyond with a dark sinister brush.

    On the other hand, I know so many who after watching this, cried over the similarities to their own painful experiences.


  • Coming Out

    Coming Out


    This is an excellent piece of queer cinema. And of cinema cinema for that matter!

    I was lucky enough to be in Amsterdam, and lucky enough to get wind of Jeffery Babcock's Underground Cinema's and found out there was a screening of Coming Out at the Goeth Institute.

    It was a really nice event. Jeffery gave a really interesting history behind the DEFA studio in East Germany, and Dirk Kummer, which provided great context for the film.

    It's raw, devastating,…