Cosmopolis ★★★★★


The specter of Eric Michael Packer.

"It's interesting isn't it? About men & immortality. You live in a tower that soars to heaven & goes unpunished by God."

"Anyway you're already dead. You're like someone already dead. Someone dead a hundred years. Many centuries dead. Kings dead."

2 snippets from 2 conversations featuring different people speaking to our most distant, non-relatable protagonist behind the curtain. In the 1st, his Chief of Theory. The 2nd, his somewhat-relatable assassin. Both scenes segment the film: CoT breaks from a small, acknowledged-as-repeated protest to the 2 characters being shaken about by what we learn was a coordinated Global protest; the 2nd is within the 20+ minute final scene, snapping ours & Eric's focus from learning where Limos go to the most earnest, important conversation of his life.

"How come you're such a stranger lately?"

This Is What Finally Matters

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