Pig ★★★★★

In the beginning all we heard was that Pig was going to be a movie starring Nicolas Cage about a guy trying to hunt down his stolen pig. I'm pretty sure we all collectively imagined a John Wick-esque action-extravaganza revenge film.
That's not what we got. We actually got something much better.

Nicolas Cage is a great actor. Possibly the greatest. Some of you already know how I feel about Cage, but just to be clear I love the guy and pretty much anything he does.
But there's a side of Cage we rarely see these days and that's the side of him we see in Pig. Gone is the screaming psychopath, instead we get an emotional performance that drags us through love, loss, life and death in a way only Nicolas Cage is able to.
Pig is not a joyride. It's a tragedy about a man facing his past and coming to terms with his loss and I'm pretty sure it only works because Cage is in the lead. Any other actor and this movie would fall flat. Don't get me wrong it's a great film, but even the greatest recipes demands the greatest ingredients.

Oink oink

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