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  • The Ritual

    The Ritual


    Four guys getting lost in the woods, dealing with shit. I liked it.

  • Ghostbusters



    Saw it with my 8 year old son and we had a good time. Of course nothing beats the original and as a kid from the eighties it all felt as a pointless remake, but it has to be said: it's a very solid entertaining comedy and the female cast is good as so are the effects. Story is of course nothing new and misses the excitement and buildup from the 1984 version.

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  • Trainspotting



    Classic. Must be seen once a year.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    BOOM. Over the top to the max. Mad Max: Fury Road is the ultimate IMAX film (3D or 2D). One big chase, two hours long with amazing action, special effects, music, freaks, stunts and a dude with a flame throwing guitar on front of a truck. I LOVE IT! ALL OF IT!