Angel Heart

Angel Heart ★★★★½

'I gotta thing about chickens.'

This is my first rewatch of Angel heart, since the nineties. I always remebered it being good, next to the long nails of De Niro and the bloody sex scene.
Today I watched it again and it remains a bloody (no pun intended) masterpiece. Everything is great about it: the beautiful music by Trevor Jones, the incredible acting by Bonet, Rourke and De Niro, but really by everyone. I also really digged the badass sherrif. The cinematography and editing is incredible, and I love the little details that are being filmed, like the drops of water in bowls, the fans, the tapping boys on the street, the horses during the horse racing scene. It makes it all look so authenitic and mysterious. Also the sound design helps with that. The story is also very good and no, I didn't see that ending coming.
All together this is one of my absolute favorite films of all time. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

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