Dolittle ★½

I have always thought Robert Downey Jr. was a good actor. Funny, charismatic and skilled. I'm no a big fan of all those boring Marvel films, but in his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man he's okay, although he was so much better in non-superhero films. But here, as Dr. Dolittle, he is terrible. It was as if he was bored himself. He "acted" as if he was a zombie. Nothing exciting there. And then his accent. What was that? Welsh? But what's even worse: I think he (or someone else?) dubbed it all. When he spoke it sounded so unnatural, as if he dubbed it all while half-sleeping.
There were some good idea's in this film and at times it looked good, almost as the old exciting adventures films from the eighties, but most of the time it was one big snorefest. Even the animals making jokes weren't funny or adorable. What a fiasco.