Erik the Viking ★★★★

Very funny British fantasy adventure in the comedy tradition of Monty Python, including John Cleese and Terry Jones as cast members and Jones even writing and directing. I've seen it for the first time somewhere in the early nineties as a teen and rewatched it several times. Loved the crap out of it. Tim Robbins does a great job and the dialogues are hilarious.

Now that I've seen it again after some twenty years it still captures the magic for me, but I can also see that the story isn't that good. Actually it's pretty lame. Also the editing and direction is questionable. But I don't mind. The question however is: is that because of feelings of nostalgia or is the movie simply entertaining enough to forgive its shortcomings?

Either way: I love it to bits and can highly recommend it to everyone who likes Monty Python, British humor, Eartha Kitt (!), crappy keying and the adventurous eighties vibe (Jones also wrote the screenplay for another favorite eighties movie of mine: Labyrinth).