The Cremator

The Cremator ★★★★

A surreal black comedy/horror from Czechoslovakia, and one with a large cult following. It's about Mr. Kopfrkingl, who runs a crematorium. Slowly he loses his sense of reality and begins to have some very strange thoughts, which he carries out.

The film is set on the eve of the German occupation in the country and its attendant political ideas. But because the film also subtly criticizes communism, it was banned in Czechoslovakia and was not shown again until 1989. It is, of course, also a reference to the Holocaust, which director Herz himself survived.

The Cremator excels in visual inventions, fantastic camerawork and bizarre editing. All to misdirect the viewer and visualize the main character's state of mind.
Not an easy one, but a fascinating masterpiece.

Part of Octorror 2022

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