The Haunting of Bly Manor ★★★★

Binged all 9 episodes in two days while being ill with the flu. It really worked for me and it moved me, perhaps even more when not being sick. This is great storytelling and although the series as a whole is a bit too long, it is a great successor to The Haunting on Hill House.
Great acting, great sets, great writing, great directing. And yeah, the hidden ghosts in the background, just as in Hill House, are a very cool bonus.

Haunting of Bly Minor isn't a ghost story, as one character says in the final episode. It's a love story. That's true. And that's totally okay. But I can imagine that this is a letdown for some folks who expected a horror story. I went along with it all the way; I could relate to all the characters and because it's a 9 episode series, each of one hour, it takes a lot of time for character development.

Some things I didn't like: the character of Peter. And the storyline of him and Miss Jessel.It was too long and the characters too annoying. But that's a minor detail.

About Mike Flanagan: I'm starting to become a fan of his work, even though he made a huge misstep with Dr. Sleep, which was an insulting piece of shit. Absentia, Oculus, Hush, Hill House, they were all great. And of course Bly Manor. I also loved the split diopter scenes. Keep going on this path, mr. Flanagan!