The Scrooge Mystery ★★½

I am a big fan of Don Rosa and especially of the Scrooge McDuck stories. He is an incredible artist and storywriter. I bought this blu-ray online expecting an interesting documentary about the making of the Life and Times story with lots of images of the comics and analysing the panels and talking about it with the master, Don Rosa. Instead, it was a long and rather boring interview that took ages. Don't get me wrong, everything Don Rosa told the interviewer was interesting, for sure. But only filming how he draws and colors a Scrooge drawing is nice to see one time, but nog twelve times.
The interviews with fans and people that got inspired by Don Rosa felt a bit forced and no everyone had something to say that added something to the documentary.
All together, I was disappointed. But again, that is only because of the boring way it all was presented. It could have been much more. Show the original pages! Let Don Rosa talk about that! Why did he make the choices he made. How did he combine all the loose ends that Barks left? Why the "underground"-approach?
Oh well. It is what is is. I appreciate this film very much but, it could have been way more interesting.