• Prey



    Yeah, well. Another Predator sequel, although this one is sold as a prequel. It looks great, has a kickass protagonist and the Predatotor looks cool, it's nothing more than a remake of the first movie from 1987. Nothing new here, but I had a fun time.

  • Merveilleuse



    4 Minute film of which I would love to have seen 30.

  • Predator



    Muscles in the jungle, with a transparant alien. Arnie the hunter being hunted. Guess who wins? Great to see again, but actually pretty boring.

  • Run



    Apart from the ending I really liked this thriller. It reminded me of the far superior Misery (1990).

  • Wings of Desire

    Wings of Desire


    Finally saw this classic and why did I wait so long. Cinema with a Capital C. Every frame a painting. Beautiful cinematography that accompanies a poetic tale of angels on Earth, of which one wants to become human. Main character is Berlin. The Berlin of 1987, ripped in two by that terrible wall. The film shows incredible images of the sad Berlin of the Cold War.
    A masterpiece!

  • The Vanishing

    The Vanishing


    Very intriguing. About fate. And balance. And experimenting. And making choices. Why not make the less common choice?

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Saw the end coming but I loved the look and feel. And though it missed real tension and suspense it was a fun and interesting ride. Loved the child-parent theme.

  • The Day of the Locust

    The Day of the Locust


    All star cast and crew make an incredible powerful satire/drama/horror about the Hollywood that eats you up and spits you out. Cinema with a capitol C!!!

  • Love, Death & Robots: Jibaro

    Love, Death & Robots: Jibaro


    Truly beautiful animation.

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    Tapping into the It remakes and Stranger Things hype, this horror also play's in the late seventies and has mainly child actors. The story is okay, but I found it al too cliche. Seen this a billion times before and couldn't care less about the characters. Ethan Hawke's character could've been played by anyone.

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Great and sweet movie with adorable Hawk and Delpy saying beautiful lines. Oh...being in love...sigh.

  • Speed



    First rewatch since the nineties and damn, does this hold up great! One of the best action movies ever made. Fast, tense, exciting and damn fun. The characters are very stereotypical but likable and it all looks great, without the CGI. One could almost become nostalgic.
    Son of 12 was jumping on the couch out of excitement!