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This review may contain spoilers.

A rewatch with a more critical eye.

Hutcherson is completely wooden as the male lead, both figuratively and literally speaking at one badly foreshadowed sequence. Lawrence shines throughout, presenting the likeable and attractive tribute that the audience falls for during the games. She's so good that she managed to make me forget just how bad Hutcherson is on my first viewing. She has a naturalness to her acting that is beyond her years, where Hutcherson's ham-fistedness belies his.

There is a stream of cheese that's squirted throughout the film, like Primela spread through a sector 11 street urchin's sandwich. Obviously something must be forgiven for the source material's teen fiction status, but the tone varies so much the film could have been serious throughout without losing it's commercial nature.

Whilst I'm not as much as a fan on second viewing as the first, it's still one of the better teen-aimed films I've seen in recent years, and one of the better over-all films of the year so far.

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