Valkyrie ★★★

I didn't go in thinking "this is a film about the nazis, germany and hitler", I went in thinking "This is a big-budget Hollywood b-movie.". It's from the guy who did the X-Men films, which says it all. I love the first two films, and of course Usual Suspects, but I was never under any illusion we were going to get a historical document akin to 'Downfall'. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the film and got taken in by the suspense in the second half of the film. Cruise does his leading man thing, the older English actors are all superb. The thing I really hated though, and I know others have banged on about this, is the lack of the german language. I know UA/Cruise/Singer wanted as many people to see the movie as possible and I know it was a slight comic-book take on the Nazi's, but I felt it really could have been boosted up to the next level and be seen as a proper film if they had used the language.