Han Gong-ju

Han Gong-ju ★★★★★

Why are people so awful? 
The most amazing things humans can and have done will always be overshadowed by the absolute worst we are capable of. That’s not a statement of nihilism or complacency, it is simply and sadly the truth that we must face everyday. The question of “Why don’t we see anything good happen on the news?” is easily swatted down as naive optimism in this world. Yet what’s even more horrifying is the fact that sometimes there’s just so many awful events going on at once that as a society we feel as though we must only focus on a couple then leave the others by the wayside. Those others are often left to a corrupt system that doesn’t care for them and deals with what they feel is just another case to be processed as soon as possible with the least consequences as possible. One of them was Han Gong-Ju. A high school student with a beautiful singing voice that wished to share her talents with the world someday and during the film we get to witness wonderful glimpses of that. Yet, there’s always this underlying secret that is slowly crumbling her. From the first thing she says being “But I didn’t do anything wrong” it’s clear that a shadow of injustice is going to linger over our protagonist as we wait to see how heinously she has been wrong. It’s lightly heartbreaking at first to see how emotionally folded she is as all the details haven’t been revealed and we’re presented with only a young woman trying to escape an inescapable pain. Then suddenly that heartbreak turns to pure infuriation and it just drains you for the rest of film as well as after once you are shown what exactly happened to give Han Gong-Ju such a scarred, alienated soul. You find yourself desperately wanting to connect with her while society’s distorted judgement prevents that from happening as it has pushed her into a corner with many other victims that will never get the justice they deserve. Why must anyone suffer like this? Why are people so awful?