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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    The movie starts out with so much potential and then it just declines after the mall scene. If it wasn't for Pedro Pascal I don't think I could've gotten through the whole thing.

  • Suspiria



    I really enjoyed this movie -- the visuals are great, the story was adjusted where it is close enough to the original but not exactly the same, the final girl is not as helpless as in the original, etc., etc.

    It's therefore sad that the only thing that turned me off wasn't even about the movie itself, but a heavily sexual comment I overheard about the heavy breathing from the main character in a very gruesome scene. How did they manage to be gross about that is beyond me.

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  • Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    All I know is that baby would've been thrown out the balcony if it were me

  • Little Monsters

    Little Monsters


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I find this movie very cute. Overall a 3 out of 5 with an extra 1/2 star thrown in because Lupita is, as usual, a gem and such a versatile actress that she can sell me into any role she plays. My biggest qualm with the movie was the whole "dude meets sweet girl who fixes him and romance ensues", it sort of makes his growth very shallow and the movie could've easily not taken that route. There was also a few jokes that I was not about and once again they could've just avoided.