Jumanji: The Next Level ★★★½

I loved it ^_^ Loved that, like the previous one, while it has fun action and effects and beautiful scenery, it's mainly a comedy of manners—these fantastic actors having a blast, getting to play with so much variety in and out of "types", and rocking it. At the same time, it WASN'T just a replica of the first one; the riffs and additions were inventive and fun.

Main thing that impressed me, though, is the risk-taking/taboo-skirting cross-race casting and acting. I think (I think?!) they were very deliberate and careful, on every level, and pulled it off without being offensive nor feeling tentative or labored. (I think?? Please tell me if you disagree, I'd love to know!!) To me, and I hope others, it felt, if one focused on it at all, celebratory of our media's recent (hopefully only just beginning) wave of improved diversity representation, busting up some 'classic' tropes/stereotyping/pigeonholding while simultaneously not trying to say "race doesn't exist" or ignoring real world echoes. …I guess an elevator pitch would be "definitely a post-Hamilton movie". I'm not expressing this well, would be very interested to hear others' thoughts—if, like me, you're into overthinking fun things.

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