I never thought I'd watch this film. (I'm not big on suspense/horror.) But I knew enough to be interested, so I indulged in meta material, spoiling myself absolutely rotten. I finally watched it tonight; and even knowing in advance EVERYTHING that was going to happen, I was still wobbly through my whole body when I stood up after. I call that an effective film.

BRILLIANT acting, of course. Also quite into the pacing and editing; and writing-wise, appreciated all the characterizations very much. (The intelligence, courage, and caring dynamic of the other two girls; the unreliable perspective/mixed motives of the therapist; everything of course about the two leads; and how the doctrine of the Beast is NOT the thesis of the *film*—in-character deification of trauma is not necessarily the same as the film itself glorifying it. I understand the debate there but ultimately I think it doesn't.)

So I'm on board. Very well done.