Brennan Dortch Cornelius Thunderbolt

Brennan Dortch Cornelius Thunderbolt

Favorite films

  • Vampire Time Travelers
  • Lady Terminator
  • Go for Broke
  • In Bruges

Recent activity

  • Bride of the Monster


  • Scared to Death


  • The Head


  • The Slaughter of the Vampires


Recent reviews

  • The Head

    The Head


    It’s got a sleazy vibe to it that I dig but it pulls it off without being belligerently exploitive which is bizarre. It’s cheap and more than a little silly but I’ve been called that too and I’m pretty fond of myself.

  • Creepypasta



    It’s not something that one would call conventionally good but unconventionally… it would also be considered not good. A lot of the vignettes are pretty much the same damn thing just painted up with a different boogeyman. It’s like a bag of mixed jellybeans but the only flavors in there are black licorice and coal and the whole time you’re eating, some girl talks over it with the supernatural ability to somehow sound bored and hammy at the same time.

Popular reviews

  • Missing 411: The Hunted

    Missing 411: The Hunted


    When I go missing in the woods, make sure I’m featured in one of these.

  • Psych 3: This Is Gus

    Psych 3: This Is Gus


    My stomach hurt during a few scenes, I was laughing so hard.