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  • Outpost: Black Sun

    Outpost: Black Sun


    Outpost: Black Sun (2012) (UK)**1/2
    A badass Nazi hunting woman and an engineer tracking down a Nazi machine, find themselves at a familiar bunker when their hunt for war criminal/inventor Krausner brings them to a familiar stretch of Eastern European land. Something has been mercilessly killing the populace and some shaky video footage points in the direction of an army of goose stepping zombies. They cross paths with an elite group of soldiers looking for the same machine and are…

  • The Whip vs. the Killer Mummies

    The Whip vs. the Killer Mummies


    The Whip vs. the Killer Mummies aka The Whip Against Murderous Mummies (1980) (Mexico) **
    The Whip is back in action and this time he’s up against a quartet of mummies carrying out a Mayan curse. One hundred years ago Uncle Alfonso married a beautiful Mayan woman whose father was unfortunately a warlock intent on keeping his family’s Mayan blood pure. One ritual later and Alfonso’s wife and two daughter daughters are murdered by a black robes cult. They fail…

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  • L.A. Confidential

    L.A. Confidential


    One hell of a flick. It had been years and I still love the hell out of it

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    The Lodge (2019) (UK/Canada/USA) ***1/2 Digital: Slow burning unease and the gradual decay of the family unit are no stranger to the horror genre. The fact that Hereditary had hit so recently and landed so much praise made lazy comparisons unavoidable. Of course, The Lodge didn’t help anything with its addition of an elaborate dollhouse portraying a distressing view of family. The supernatural combines seamlessly with mental illness and we’re all on uneven ground thanks to it. Soon to be…