Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy ★★★

I hate having spiders in the house. It isn't because I'm afraid of spiders, I just hate having to deal with the webs they leave behind. That is more cleaning I have to do. I was kind of excited about this one, as it has been a good while since I have watched a horror movie that deals with spiders. This story also deals with a legend that finds its way into the lives of a single mother and her two children. They are dealing with their own issues as well and now that have this to deal with.

I did like the story in this one. It swings a bit towards being family-friendly in some ways. It isn't a gory movie with a lot of effects and/or blood, but there is one effect that was a bit gory. That had to do with seeing a dead body with the eyes missing. The issues are also a bit deep, losing a child, possible drug addiction, and the son having to basically raise his sister at times. I saw those issues as something for the adults to chew over. I think any story directed at kids should still have something in it for adults as well since they are often stuck watching this stuff with their kids. This wasn't something for young kids really even though both of the kids in the movie are not very old. I did feel that the legend presented in the movie needed to be used a bit more than it was. It was an interesting legend in my opinion. Not a bad movie but it wasn't great. If you do give this one a shot, there is an after-the-credits scene to be found.

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