Possessor ★★★★

I have been wanting to catch up with this movie for a while now. I've had it in my DVD queue, but once I signed up for Disney +, which also comes with Hulu, I discovered that I could just stream it on Hulu. I was going to watch a different movie that is also streaming on Hulu, but went with this one just so I could delete it out of my DVD queue.

Anyway, the story here has to do with Tasya, an elite assassin that uses tech to take over another person's body in order to do her dirty work. Tasya is married with a son, but she is separated at the moment. She is torn about this. She wants to get back with them but seems to feel bored when she is around them. Her next job has her handler a little worried. The handler feels there is something wrong with Tasya but since this is a big job, she takes Tasya's word that everything is fine. Once in the mind of her new host body, Colin doesn't just give up and let her take control.

Brandon Cronenberg seems to be making a name for himself and is following in his father's footsteps but doing his own version of body horror. This movie isn't so much showing what weird things might happen to a body, but it does show images of the two minds coming together and one taking over the other by showing body horror. Skin melting and reforming, wearing a person's face to represent looking through that person's eyes.

I thought that the story maybe could have been expanded on just a bit more and the process and/or the tech for possessing someone. I also understand how the tech and process aren't all that important to the overall story, so that came down as a personal preference. It wasn't as tense as I thought it might be, but the visuals make up for that tenfold. I'm sure this movie isn't for everyone but I would recommend giving it a try if you haven't already.

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